Volume 1 Issue 6

…perhaps it’s just another example of the establishment media lashing their flaccid tentacles at us, our advertisers and ultimately the general public who is increasingly tired of their migraine-inducing rhetoric and bias disguised with corporate funded, think-tank contrived “inclusive” platitudes.

I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.” — Harry Truman

“Are you ok?” concerned friends and readers ask us at coffee shops, various events, via letters and emails. “Are you being investigated by the AG? Are you OWNED by the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee?”

1. We, like others in this state, are not “ok.” Maybe in an overall universal God-loving way that everything is really alright, sure we are “ok.” But let’s face it, we have a lot of work to do to pry control of this state out of the hands of fat cats, liars and thieves.

2. The “Idaho Capital Sun,” (which many people think is a newspaper, but is actually just a website barely over a year old), reported the Attorney General was investigating whether the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee “owned” The People’s Pen. The writer of that article never once attempted to contact The People’s Pen for comment. We suppose the writer never opened a copy of The People’s Pen either, as more than 20 other advertisers have clearly been buying ads since this publication’s inception. Were any of them called for comment or insight? Could any of them “own” the paper? Perhaps we are really a sordid right-wing conspiracy of chiropractors, real-estate agents, tree-cutters, a spaghetti chef and tattoo artists? Pure poppycock!

But, it gets worse. The Spokesman-Review, an actual printed newspaper, decided to reprint the article! I guess they were short on fact checkers at their Coeur d’Alene office that day. Or, perhaps it’s just another example of the establishment media lashing their flaccid tentacles at us, our advertisers and ultimately the general public who is increasingly tired of their migraine-inducing rhetoric and bias disguised with corporate funded, think-tank contrived “inclusive” platitudes.

This, “Idaho Capital Sun,” which obviously fails to live up to the standards of a printed publication, is actually part of a foundation-funded 501(c)3 nationwide network of new websites which sound like old newspapers under the umbrella of “States Newsroom.” Ever pick up a copy of “The Daily Montana,” “Oregon Capital Chronicle” or the “Nevada Current?” No, you haven’t. But don’t they sound as old as the hills? The closest you can get is picking up your wifi-enabled tablet to read them. This heavily funded network claims it doesn’t accept corporate donations and underwriting. I guess if you squint a little, turn on night mode and tilt your tablet a few degrees… Google News Initiative Journalism Emergency Relief Fund, Morgan Stanley Gift Fund, National Public Radio, Fidelity Donor Advised Fund and some of their other donors don’t look underwritten or corporate at all. While they get money shoveled at them by the likes of Google, the staff of The People’s Pen is having arguments over who gets the flavor packet with the Top Ramen! Sheesh. Give us a freaking break.

There are only two ways of telling the complete truth – anonymously and posthumously.” —Thomas Sowell

The owners and staff of this publication are, like someof our founding American fathers, somewhat elusive when it is practical. We are known by the surrounding community. We stay in the background first and foremost so we do not distract from the subject of our articles. Isn’t it interesting how adversaries are more concerned with who makes TPP, rather than discussing what it says? Also, it allows us to lead more normal lives. It’s kind of a pain when friends and associates feel they have to say, “Now… this is off the record, right?” Many of our articles are contributions of multiple writers and researchers that eventually become a master article that better sums up the complicated web of treachery we face daily. If you’ve ever looked into just one of the many conspiracies we are victims of, you could spend days, weeks, months or even decades researching the facts. So, sometimes we need a team to weed through all the mess and finally boil the topic down to something readable and digestible. Ultimately, The People’s Pen is you the reader, our advertisers, our staff and owners. We are freedom-loving folk, pure and simple. If you want, you will surely meet all the above in person and shake our hands if you are so inclined.

It takes two to speak the truth — one to speak and another to hear.” — Henry David Thoreau

Perhaps more important than “who” makes The People’s Pen is, “what” is The People’s Pen? We aren’t a daily newspaper – we struggle to be quarterly. After 5 issues of our first experimental volume we still struggle to define this publication or why it has been so resonant. But an old proverb often attributed to Mark Twain and others we think gives an important clue: “A lie will go halfway ‘round the world while the truth is pulling its boots on.” Essentially, The People’s Pen is like the truth, finally getting its boots on and wading into the mess a swamp of lies has made. It’s not going to be pretty, it might not be fun, it could be dangerous and it’s near impossible to do it without mistakes. But it’s getting done. When things go right just one truth can counteract months and years of lies. Do we get it right all the time? If we are human, probably not. But we try our best every issue to inform and inspire readers to help themselves, their families, neighbors and all our relations.

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5 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 6”

    1. Steven,
      Thank you for your message, we too are tired of the billionaire backed mainstream propaganda. We certainly appreciate your family’s support and will do our best to keep it up! If you haven’t already subscribed please consider doing so as we are a reader support publication! Thanks again,
      The Editor

  1. As a Conservative and a Combat Veteran the “People’s Pen” is an excellent news source that shares the same values of the Majority in the CDA area. As we all know we’ve had a huge influx of new residents to our County and the paper should be given to every new resident so they can read the Truth. Keep North Idaho Conservative and Godly. Merry Christmas to the entire staff. God bless and keep up the great work.

  2. We appreciate the hard work you are doing! We pray you continue and success follows you. We are impressed with the facts and supporting documents that back up the facts!
    God Bless

  3. I enjoyed the article very much, you are saying all the right things. On that note, please excuse my pessimism but as someone who has experienced federal overreach, federal informants, and threat of federal prison time, I am a little nervous at subscribing to a paper when I cannot find out who the editor is Or who the backers of the paper are.
    Liberals and federal agents are experts at putting up a good front. I am NOT saying that as you, I am just saying that is why I am hesitant.
    P.S. if the Spokesman review is attacking you, you are most certainly doing something right we discovered they were a communist paper over 30 years ago!

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