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There is a misprint on page 2. The next People’s Pen Pop-Up Party is not November 13. It is Tuesday, November 14, 2023. Sorry for any confusion. It should be a great night, please attend!



UPDATE: 10/25/23 We received an email from a concerned reader in regards to the article: Dan Gookin Tells Gold-Star Mother She “Doubled-Down” on: “White Supremacy!” The reader claims that Janice Camarena is not a Gold Star Mother.

We spoke with Janice Camarena and she informed us that she has never claimed to be a Gold Star Mother nor received any benefits that would be conferred by such a status. However, based on our research it appears that others calling Camarena a Gold Star Mother would be correct based on America Gold Star Mothers Inc.’s website, It says, “The term Gold Star Mother refers to any mother who has lost a child in the service of our country. An American Gold Star Mother is a Gold Star Mother who has joined the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. organization (AGSM).”

In common parlance and as a term, an American mother who has lost a son or daughter enlisted in the service to war, conflict or missing-in-action is a “Gold Star Mother.” However, to be a member of the American Gold Star Mothers requires an application process.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that Camarena was essentially Jeremy Armstrong’s adopted mother. Out of respect to the biological mother, and general grief, Mrs. Camarena has not applied to be an American Gold Star Mother, and, based on the adoption technicalities may or may not qualify. AGSM’s requirements over the years have changed. Janice Camarena’s adopted son died from brain trauma as a result of being injured in Afghanistan by an Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.).

We apologize to any reader who might be concerned or confused that Mrs. Camarena is claiming something she is “technically” not recognized as. As stated, she does not refer to herself as a Gold Star Mother. Others do.



Astute readers pointed out that there is an error in Randy Neal’s letter in the recent issue. He said that Kiki Miller was wearing a “Vote Yes” shirt at a recent City Council meeting and that she said, “I absolutely will be voting yes for the levy on May 16th and I encourage all of our citizens to do so as well.” Actually, it appears that was Amy Evans. So we apologize to Kiki Miller for that misprint, and will be printing a correction in our next issue.



Important Update on “The Coeur d’Alene School District #271 Report Card” by Erin B. article

A reader alerted us that our information on high school proficiency scores is only partially correct. She states,

“In order to report the students who achieved proficiency, you must combine those who were advanced with those who scored proficient. 

ELA: advanced-31.2% + proficient-39.7% = Total proficient-70.9%

This is true for Math and Science as well.”

So, the proficiency level for English Language Arts/Literacy when including advanced scores is higher than what the article reports and we apologize for this error. That said and including corrections, Math scores came in at 31.6% proficiency, and Science came in at 48.8% according to the 2022 ISAT Results spreadsheet available here: Once again, we apologize for this error and will print a correction in the next issue.


…perhaps it’s just another example of the establishment media lashing their flaccid tentacles at us, our advertisers and ultimately the general public who is increasingly tired of their migraine-inducing rhetoric and bias disguised with corporate funded, think-tank contrived “inclusive” platitudes.





Help Patriots print the paper!

Get the paper mailed to you!