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Volume 1 Issue 1

…there is an urgent need for access to, and a forum for, dissenting and divergent views from the mainstream, propaganda spewing, legacy media hellbent on polarizing our Nation.

Have you noticed anything wrong in the world today? Does it seem like our society is moving towards a bright, thriving and prosperous future? Is civil discourse dead? Are we doomed to accept the social, economic and political changes being forced upon us by biased and monopolized interests?

Jiddu Krishnamurti wisely quipped that “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” It certainly does appear, to those willing to check their egos, open their minds and peer behind the curtains, that our society is indeed sick. But like any sickness, a proper diagnosis is the first step towards treating the dis-ease. Unfortunately, this requires access to unbiased, objective and accurate information free from censorship and undue influence. We have heard for centuries that “truth is the first casualty of battle.” Can we all agree that we are in a battle, an information war, and that those currently in control of the information also control perceived reality? Like Pavlov’s dog our society has been conditioned by these modern day magicians wielding the power of suggestion like hypnotic sleight of hand (distracting, deceiving and dividing us); while blind and obedient masses accept by their silent, sleeping consent the normalization of tyrannical ideologies intentionally detrimental to the sovereignty of our Nation, our families and our lives.

As a matter of fact, we have been so busy arguing and fighting over their propaganda around viruses, vaccines, masks, race, police brutality, election rigging, lockdowns and corruption, that we have forgotten what principles we were actually arguing about in the first place. Informed consent, due process, freedom of speech, full disclosure and the acknowledgment that all human beings innately possess dignity, equality, and God-given rights are some self evident considerations.

The People’s Pen was born from the recognition that there is an urgent need for access to, and a forum for, dissenting and divergent views from the mainstream, propaganda spewing, legacy media hellbent on polarizing our Nation. Cui bono? The only real beneficiaries of this division are those elite and parasitic pirates masquerading as authorities and philanthropists, that have for generations been the selfsame creators and curators of our past, present and future economic, social and political woes.

We set out to be a vehicle of inspiration rather than influence, a source of uncensored information (making no claim of full and total veracity to the content herein, instead encouraging you to research for yourself and to exercise your powers of discernment) and a forum to exchange ideas civilly. We strive to encourage our readers to spend less time behind the keyboard, to make social media social again and introduce you to solutions that are ready for your engagement. From simple suggestions like subscribing to our publication and joining the KC Spectator mailing list for staying abreast of public meetings (see page 15), to building stronger networks of economic resilience with the North Idaho Freedom Fighters et al. and participating in civil discourse at the many up and coming townhall style events, we can make serious headway towards ending this information war.

In order to realize the future of liberty, freedom and abundant prosperity that is our true inheritance we first have to visualize what it looks like and how to get there. I suggest we start by reclaiming the narrative from magicians masquerading as media, restoring the law from pirates masquerading as authorities and reinvigorating genuine civil discourse around divisive topics. Never forget the power is inherent in the people! Elected officials are not our leaders but our agents and our mouthpieces. Before we are baited into another argument or fight let’s dialogue until we can discern the true nature of our disagreements. More often than not, as we distill our arguments into their base principles, we should find that we don’t really disagree in the first place. If we do, then an honest and open debate ought to be had. We can facilitate this dialogue before debate-style discourse and show the rest of our country that a small group of “thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – M. Mead

The People’s Pen, as a platform for your voice, aspires to grow through your letters, feedback and input. We welcome challenging discourse and seek to be greater and more relevant with every new issue as we forge new pathways through this gateway to a better media.

Think about this as you peruse our pages: a conformist will do what they are told regardless of what’s right but a moralist will do what’s right regardless of what they are told. It’s time to choose morality over conformity, take a stand and empower yourself to become part of the cure for what’s ailing us.

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